Looking for a Herringbone Wood Floor?

Parquet or Parquetry flooring is usually referred to in Australia as a Herringbone wood floor. Similar floor types include Chevron flooring and Versailles panels, though these involve slightly different shapes and pattern layouts to traditional herringbone floors.

Check out our Herringbone wood floor range at Aspire Floors, with colours ranging from dark grey through the natural woody tones to light ash grey. See our full range here: Witmat, Natmat, Riesling, Loire and Grigio.

The beautiful Herringbone floor pattern is formed from the regular rectangular shaped planks of wooden floorboards. The short end of one plank buts against the long side of the next, creating a staggered zig-zag pattern. It provides additional depth and interest to your flooring, giving it a luxurious floor texture that looks smart and stylish, yet traditional.

Chevron vs Herringbone Floor

Chevron flooring differs from a herringbone wood floor in that it requires pointed tiles that are cut at an angle and connect edge to edge with each other to create a V shape. Another name for the Chevron pattern is French Herringbone, so be careful not to confuse it with our Herringbone floor pattern. The trick is to check the individual floorboard shape and if it has squared corners, it is traditional Herringbone flooring.

Herringbone Floors from Aspire Floors

Using engineered oak floorboards from Aspire Floors in your herringbone wood floor creates a parquetry flooring effect that is second to none. Our superior wood floors, in a wide range of colours, enhance your surroundings whilst delivering all the benefits of real wood to your flooring surface.

Used extensively in older properties, a herringbone wood floor adds an interesting geometrical dimension to the space, symmetrical and intricate, yet with the warm woody 'Hamptons' look.

Perfect for high-traffic areas, a herringbone wood floor is very durable and extremely hard-wearing. It can be installed as a floating floor or existing floor and our installation team are happy to advise you on your options. At Aspire Floors, we provide a one-stop solution, using our only the most highly skilled installers and following through with excellent after-sales service.

You can be sure of satisfaction with a herringbone wood floor from Aspire Floors - check out our reviews today.